Some people know us as the bead shop, some people know us as the knitting shop. Our aim is to bring you colourful, crafty, lovely things in a way that is ethical and responsible.

su and johnArmadillo was founded in 1995 by Su Hoyle. For the last twenty years we have specialised in beads and craft materials, wool and knitting supplies, and colourful gifts and cards. 

Comments from Yelp reviews

“The best feature though is the arts and crafts materials that they have, at the back of the shop. A browse though them is sure to inspire the most uncreative amongst us to want to whip something up in a makeshift kitchen workshop.” –Ben C

“Armadillo is a brilliant craft / fair trade gift shop […] The lady who owns the place is friendly and laid-back, and it has a real village-shop kind of vibe.” –Hannah L

“A great little shop that punches above its weight. Its a very friendly shop where you can ask difficult crafty questions and get answers.” –Holly T

“…the sort of place I would have happily spent all my pocket money in as a small child.” –Emma G

“…if you’re artistically disposed or know someone who is you will probably like this shop. With a little creativity the possibilities are endless. Pop in and let your imagination run wild.” –Henry H